Tips for Startups Marketing: Optimize Your AdWords Content

The Content Network is different from Google’s search so it’s important to know how it works and how to use it to optimize your AdWords for the best results.

First, understand that the network is driven by keywords. AdWords reviews every keyword in an ad group and makes a keyword theme that can be matched to websites within the network that have similar content.

There are two reasons to optimize AdWords for the Content Network. If you’re having success on Google’s Content Network the action can help strengthen your campaign.  If you’re not having success on the content network, you might want to optimize in order to get better results.

When you request a content optimization from your AdWords Rep, it will start a new campaign and create new ad groups within that campaign. Every keyword in your account can be regrouped into these new ad groups. The new content bids can be set for the ad groups, new ads can be written for each group and current content efforts and bids can be paused while a new content optimized campaign is uploaded and launched.

To make your optimization better, remember to revise or completely re-write your ad texts, make sure your destination URLs are correct and adjust your bids accordingly.