Three Signs Your Startup Needs a PR Firm

Many companies try to market themselves on their own. The problem is that expertise in technology can only go so far when it comes to building a brand, creating influence and inspiring the kind of word of mouth that can lead to more sales.

Without an understanding of how the world of print, digital and social media work, marketing efforts can fall flat or become a giant waste of time. These are three possible signs a company may need to enlist the expertise of a public relations firm.

  1. Not enough press. When an industry publication or blogger mentions your company, it’s one thing. When those publications tell a story about your company in a way that inspires readers to find out more or even buy from you, that’s another. Random and casual media coverage will not grow a business.
  2. You’re boring. Companies that create technology are often so close to it, they only see the original problem and solution. This story can’t be the only one a business tells. Publications lose business without interesting news. PR firms can help find interesting stories and know how to develop a media list, research writers and plan editorials.
  3. The CEO isn’t friendly with media. Company founders often can’t imagine why anyone would not be as excited as they are about their company. If a CEO insists that someone look at their product and is too pushy that can start things off on the wrong foot and kill any chance of coverage in the future.