Things That Make a Successful Social Media Marketing Team

Social media is new to most businesses and so is hiring consultants to handle social media. The skills that a social media consultant or manager should have depend on the organization they work for.

Although the number of organizations that have staff dedicated strictly to social media is small, business owners tend to gain an appreciation for social networking as their companies grow. As this occurs, companies may allocate a budget for more marketing, recruiting, advertising and PR through social media.

Companies that are getting ready to start including a full time employee for social media networking purposes often ask where the budget is going to come from, who will be responsible for leading the
charge and what existing program the social media effort will wipe off the table. In many cases, social media is often led by Public Relations or Marketing departments and is shared throughout other departments. The first hire is typically a community manager. There’s also typically an account manager or an executive hired to work as a liaison for client contact.

While account managers are often responsible for developing strategy, other groups can perform social media marketing functions such as copywriting, community management, social media monitoring and analysis, social SEO, blogger and influential outreach, social network development and social content and media development.

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