The Influence of Google Real-time Search on Your Business

Almost one year ago Google introduced Realtime Search functions, allowing users the ability to find the latest news for their search topics, including news articles, blogs and eyewitness accounts.

Then recently, Google announced users can access Google Realtime Search at one place:

The one stop shopping of Google Realtime Search has some implications for those trying to successfully market their business online. First, keywords with real-time search results could be bumped down by real-time results. Secondly, links that are not formatted for real-time could suffer a loss in their volume of clicks.

However, the change could prove to be good for both consumers and small business marketers. The real-time search function could help non-profit and small business marketers target their target audience while consumers increasingly flock to the site for live updates. This being said, it’s important for Google’s feed to show the very latest news and updates and for marketers to create ads that are time sensitive and relevant.

Advertisers know they can adjust pricing real time in display exchanges using “real time bidding” but the function isn’t available in search. This may take the work of marketers to build patterns and algorithms that can identify rises in real-time searches for certain keywords. Non-profit and small business advertisers could also start using keywords that are generated by live tweets and other real-time feeds.

One thing is for sure. Consumers and advertisers are both buying into the real-time trend for the long term.