The Biggest Advantages of Small Businesses SEO

Small businesses have two advantages larger competitors often can’t match with search engine optimization and those are creativity and agility.

Owners of small businesses can compose a marketing campaign that will allow them to compete with larger businesses if they incorporate the two philosophies as part of their digital marketing DNA.

Creativity is a search marketing advantage because large businesses have more risk management then small businesses. Most large businesses won’t create blogs that take sides on issues, create controversy or allow individuality. There are fewer stakeholders for a small business so it’s easier to sell creative, controversial or compelling ideas.

To use this benefit to its fullest, start by developing creative linkbait. Larger companies will mostly follow proven business models and methods and a small business can break out of that mold with clever ideas. It’s an opportunity to create the kind of linkbait social web influencers are looking for but larger competitors do not understand.

Success for small businesses often comes from employees who are passionate about their industry and want to do good work. They often have strong feelings about the industry they are in. A smart small business owner can help their employees share those feelings on the web to attract others who feel similar. Even those who disagree bring more traffic to your site by their responses. This is one way small businesses can direct and use controversy to their advantage.

A small business can also take advantage of cheap and free SEO-friendly online publishing tools such as WordPress. Web developers can make WordPress an entire CMS to power a site at a reasonable cost. A CMS like Expression Engine is more powerful but also affordable and search engine friendly. The agility of a small business can also be a search market advantage. Larger corporations have layers of approval processes, lawyers and committees.  Smaller businesses have an opportunity to exploit this by being first because they don’t have all these layers.

According to the recent TopRank Marketing survey on blogging and SEO, 94 percent of bloggers reported seeing measurable SEO benefits from blogging within one year. By having an agile content development process, smaller companies can and do outpace larger competitors who have more resources available to them.

If a small company encourages their employees to have personal brands, this will also provide a search marketing advantage. When an employee has their own blog and social media networks, the company and individual are often linked or mentioned together. Larger corporations use partners as an advantage for links but small businesses can encourage their dedicated employees to develop personal brands in their industry.

Every company is now a media company. By breaking news, a small business attracts links and referral traffic. As it does this, a company will start to become a trusted source as its own brand of media. The more small businesses take advantage of their ability to be more creative and agile than larger competitors, the more their online content marketing and SEO programs are likely to succeed.