Startups Desperate for Rockstar-Ninja Developers, ShipSweet Challenge FedEx-UPS

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup

ShipSweet Attempts to Stick It to the FedEx-UPS Duopoly with Cheap Shipping for Small Business Xconomy

Small companies contending with the likes of Amazon may find a solution with Seattle’s ShipSweet, touted as the cheaper shipping alternative. By pooling smaller orders, coordinating with online shopping cart providers and creating a collaborative drop-off site system, the startup hopes to compete with titans FedEx and UPS.

Sustainability and Authenticity, Personified The Huffington Post

Seattle’s Mark Schuster is uniquely qualified to narrate the birth of one of the city’s boldest architectural landmarks and its first condo to earn the coveted LEED Silver certification. In Lofty Pursuits, the developer of Mosler Lofts weaves a tale of family, philanthropy and vision for a sustainable future, making it a must-read in an age when integrity and business don’t always overlap.

Tech companies desperate for “rockstarninja engineers” CNN Money

The explosion of startups in places like Silicon Valley and the unrelenting appetite for mobile apps are fueling a feeding frenzy for tech talent and inspiring hybrid for-hire descriptions like “rockstarninja” developer. With surveys suggesting nearly half of the leading US tech firms expect to pad their personnel rosters this year, poaching is almost par for the course and those with the right resumes are coming out the big winners.