Pay Per Click Reports Every Small Businesses Should Know

Marketers can reach large numbers of customers through Pay Per Click or PPC marketing.

The most effective Pay Per Click companies want to make sure their customer’s money is spent well. A search query report in Google AdWords gives companies the data they need to make more money.

Search query reports are capable of finding negative keyword research that may be causing loss revenue for a small business or non-profit marketing campaign. These queries can increase the business owner’s average CPA as well as lower their CRT, which will ultimately affect their overall quality scores.

Once this report is done, the strange queries can be added as negative keywords for any PPC campaign, helping to make sure money is well spent. Since negative keywords can be created at any time, it’s a good idea to run this report at least once a month.

A search query report can also help find the keywords that will help business. Once they are found, these new and refined keywords can be added to a new or an existing adgroup. Businesses may wish that each keyword added to an adgroup from a search query report be placed on exact match so the search that provided the conversion can be found.