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Tips for Startups: Analyzing Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Account

You are well-funded, you got out of stealth mode and now you are officially “live”. Your startup website is getting more traffic each passing week and your marketing folks decide to launch a PPC campaign to augment your customer acquisition strategy. You have a live ppc campaign, now what? Do you have an account plan for the month? If you don’t, here’s how to get one started. First, pick a good time to run reports every month. Running the reports in a consistent manner will [...]

Things That Make a Successful Social Media Marketing Team

Social media is new to most businesses and so is hiring consultants to handle social media. The skills that a social media consultant or manager should have depend on the organization they work for. Although the number of organizations that have staff dedicated strictly to social media is small, business owners tend to gain an appreciation for social networking as their companies grow. As this occurs, companies may allocate a budget for more marketing, recruiting, advertising and PR through social media. Companies that are getting [...]

How Your Business Can Avoid A SEO Failure

The cost of a search engine optimization effort can vary based on the project. Managers that believe they can hire a full time employee for the costs of outsourcing their SEO efforts don’t understand all that is part of marketing a website through search engines. Search engine optimization is a lot for one person to do and can become even more difficult of a task when that person has other responsibilities. When a company hires an agency for SEO, the work is a team effort. [...]

Best Web Analytics Solution for Small Business Owners

Marketers that are new to managing business websites and blogs may not know too much about web analytics. While it makes sense to use some method of measuring marketing results, business owners can find it take extra energy to keep up with the process and data can often times become confusing. The amount of information in analytic packages can also be difficult to organize and can turn into something business people with small amounts of time cannot effectively use. One analytic package that’s free and [...]

Pay Per Click Reports Every Small Businesses Should Know

Marketers can reach large numbers of customers through Pay Per Click or PPC marketing. The most effective Pay Per Click companies want to make sure their customer’s money is spent well. A search query report in Google AdWords gives companies the data they need to make more money. Search query reports are capable of finding negative keyword research that may be causing loss revenue for a small business or non-profit marketing campaign. These queries can increase the business owner’s average CPA as well as lower [...]

The Influence of Google Real-time Search on Your Business

Almost one year ago Google introduced Realtime Search functions, allowing users the ability to find the latest news for their search topics, including news articles, blogs and eyewitness accounts. Then recently, Google announced users can access Google Realtime Search at one place:  www.google.com/realtime. The one stop shopping of Google Realtime Search has some implications for those trying to successfully market their business online. First, keywords with real-time search results could be bumped down by real-time results. Secondly, links that are not formatted for real-time [...]

Google Instant for Non-Profit and Small Business Advertisers

According to Google, the Google Instant search engine saves two to five seconds of search time per query. The user receives suggestions for their search as they type their keyword. For non-profit and small business advertisers, this could mean Google has more control over how consumers search through ads. While suggestions that pop up as the keyword search is happening are supposed to be what consumers are probabilistically typing, there's still the chance that Google’s suggestions could lead consumers away from their original search intent. Google [...]

How Small Business Can Track Offline Sales with Online Marketing

What someone sees online is influencing what they buy when they visit stores or call your small business. Consumers often begin looking for a specific item they want to buy with an online search. However, the process isn’t as simple as searching the product, clicking a link and spending money. Yahoo research shows that TV advertising is one of the largest incentives for online product searches. Approximately eight percent of searches that produced the final sale came from advertising on TV. But what other factors [...]

Facebook & Bing’s Partnership – What It Means for Small Business

It’s not surprising to anyone with a Facebook account that recent news shows the time people spend on Facebook exceeds the time they spend on Google and Yahoo. The Bing Search Blog announced the extended search deal. According to a Nielsen report, an average user spends 23 percent of their time surfing the Internet on social networks like Facebook. That number is up 77 percent from last year. Is the social media trend affecting how people search for and buy different products? If it hasn’t [...]