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The Biggest Advantages of Small Businesses SEO

Small businesses have two advantages larger competitors often can’t match with search engine optimization and those are creativity and agility. Owners of small businesses can compose a marketing campaign that will allow them to compete with larger businesses if they incorporate the two philosophies as part of their digital marketing DNA. Creativity is a search marketing advantage because large businesses have more risk management then small businesses. Most large businesses won’t create blogs that take sides on issues, create controversy or allow individuality. There are [...]

Planning SEO for Local Startups and New Businesses

Customers search online for everything nowadays so it’s important for a small business to ensure that the content of their website is clear and attractive. That’s why search engine optimization is a necessary part of a successful small business website. Getting started in SEO can be a challenging for small business owners who are just starting the process. How do they know what keywords or themes to use that will give them the most success? Should they hire someone to help with an SEO campaign? [...]

5 Search Engine Marketing Trends That Impact Startups

Many startups use a variety of online marketing efforts to attract new customers and increase their overall sales. As a $16 billion industry, Search Engine Marketing represents an opportunity to connect with customers when they are looking to buy. A fundamental knowledge about the basics of Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click is not enough to remain competitive in the online marketing world. Here are five search marketing trends for every local startup to be aware of: Customer search online influences purchases offline. As [...]

PPC: A Review of 2010 and Resolutions for 2011

There were several changes in PPC in 2010 that have had big impacts. For example, Twitter started reaching out to companies who want to advertise on their social media platform via through promoted tweets. A company or advertising agency can pay on a cost per impression model to have their Tweets appear at the top of the Twitter search page. The Tweet can stay in this top spot as long as it is considered relevant and interesting by Twitter. The way Facebook handles advertising changed [...]

How to Create Effective Ads in Facebook

Here are a few ways to get started using Facebook to create an ad to market your product. Whether you are a startup or a major tech company, following these steps will help get your Facebook advertising campaign launch today. 1. Dashboard: This shows the impressions, clicks and other data including the Social Percent function. This function tracks the percentage of impressions where the viewer of an ad saw that friends liked your page. 2. Design your ad: Copy an ad by selecting the name [...]

Don’t Exhaust Your Budget with Google and Bing Content Networks

If you are looking for more pay-per-click (PPC) traffic, the Google and Bing Content Networks can be great places to start. However, if not properly managed, the content networks can leave you spending a lot of money without giving you the results you want. You can exclude domains and subdomains from your network in both Google and Bing. Use at least a 30-day date range when reviewing your performance. You may wish to use a 60 or 90-day range depending on your account. To review [...]

Tips for Startups Marketing: Optimize Your AdWords Content

The Content Network is different from Google’s search so it’s important to know how it works and how to use it to optimize your AdWords for the best results. First, understand that the network is driven by keywords. AdWords reviews every keyword in an ad group and makes a keyword theme that can be matched to websites within the network that have similar content. There are two reasons to optimize AdWords for the Content Network. If you’re having success on Google’s Content Network the action [...]

Managing the Content Network in Bing and Google

The Content Network can increase leads but it also has the potential for a user to end up spending money quickly on irrelevant clicks. Bing has added a few tools and reports to help advertisers along the way. One thing they’ve addressed is the amount of control advertisers have when deciding where ads will be displayed. Advertisers in the United States or Canada will be able to choose from: All Bing and Yahoo! search networks and syndicated search partners; only Bing and Yahoo! search syndicated [...]

How to Choose the Right SEO Company for Startups

Search engine optimization plays an important role for businesses, especially startups, hoping to be successful online. With SEO, a website can be ranked at the top of search engine results pages and be visited by more people. Negative listings or incorrect information online can hurt the reputation of a business and lead to lost revenue. This is something that most startups can’t afford to have. While no one except Google employees know the algorithm for their search engine, it is possible to learn the best [...]

Common Mistakes Startups and Businesses Make in AdWords Campaigns

There are four main things to know if you’re interested in lowering your advertising costs on Google AdWords. First, everyone wants to pay as little as they can for a click but be careful not to set up your first cost-per-click (CPC) too low. By overpaying at the beginning or starting with a high bid, you can expect a high position among other advertisers and that will let you get a better click-through-rate (CTR) as your ad is in a much more noticeable position. Once [...]