Microsoft’s Kinect Outpace iPhone Sales, Blekko Bans 1.1M Spammy Domains

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup

10 Million A Magic Number for Microsoft’s Kinect  CNET

XBox 360 Kinect sales have far exceeded Microsoft’s expectations as well as numbers posted by product rival Playstation Move, generating a buzz that threatens to eclipse the console king, Wii. Kinect motion-gaming sensors are flying off store shelves at an unprecedented pace, according to Guinness World Record officials – surpassing sales of Apple’s ballyhooed iPhone and iPad in the 60 days after launch.

Blekko Bans 1.1 Million Spammy Domains Via New Algorithm  TechCrunch

In its ambitious battle to de-louse the internet, Blekko has already dropped the hammer on over a million domains identified by its spam-busting algorithm. The mighty little search engine headed by Rick Skrenta that earlier blocked content farms from its search results is deploying its AdSpam weapon at keyword-crammed ad/content combinations.

King of the Web: The Next Great Time-Waster, or Just a Waste of Time? GeekWire

Self-promotion and the mania to attain 15 minutes of fame are taken to a silly extreme with the debut of King of the Web, the brainchild of a Seattle duo with solid entrepreneurial resumes. In this ultimate Everyman’s fame game, users compete each month for real rewards along with dubious titles by creating a profile and shamelessly campaigning for votes.