Managing the Content Network in Bing and Google

The Content Network can increase leads but it also has the potential for a user to end up spending money quickly on irrelevant clicks.

Bing has added a few tools and reports to help advertisers along the way. One thing they’ve addressed is the amount of control advertisers have when deciding where ads will be displayed. Advertisers in the United States or Canada will be able to choose from: All Bing and Yahoo! search networks and syndicated search partners; only Bing and Yahoo! search syndicated partners; or only Bing and Yahoo! sites.

To update settings for your existing campaigns, set the distribution on the ad group level in Bing. This is different from Google where you set the distribution on the campaign level. Click on the campaign then ad group that you want to modify using the interface. Then under the Settings link you will be able to edit your ad distribution selection.

Bing has also created two new reports that will help advertisers manage their accounts. When logged into your account in the interface, under the reports tab you can choose Website Placement Performance and Publisher Performance.

The Website Placement report is similar to Google’s old Placement Performance report. You are given Campaign and Ad Group names along with the metrics for each URL where your ads were shown. Once you have run the report, go into the interface, and add website exclusions to help keep your ads from popping up on irrelevant sites.

The Publisher Performance report is also similar to the Placement Performance report in Google, because it also shows you the sites where your ads appear. This report also gives you data for both Search and Content ad groups.

In Google, it’s a good idea to stay organized by keeping your search and content campaigns separate. By doing this, you will have a better idea of the actual results of each campaign or ad group, and be able to optimize more efficiently.

Remember, you know your account better than anyone else. Listen to advice from your AdWords representative but always do what you think will work best for you.