How Your Business Can Avoid A SEO Failure

The cost of a search engine optimization effort can vary based on the project.

Managers that believe they can hire a full time employee for the costs of outsourcing their SEO efforts don’t understand all that is part of marketing a website through search engines.

Search engine optimization is a lot for one person to do and can become even more difficult of a task when that person has other responsibilities. When a company hires an agency for SEO, the work is a team effort.

When Sparkplug Digital brings in new SEO clients, an account team including a lead consultant and a program manager is assigned. Service specialists who focus on areas such as keyword research, copywriting, web development and design, content promotion and link building are also part of the team approach.

Here’s a list what functions and expertise a SEO team brings to a project:

• SEO/Online Marketing Strategy
• Client SEO Education and Training
• Defining Campaign Goals
• Competitive Analysis
• Assessing Previous Tactics (Non Search Engine Compliant and Potential Spam)
• Keyword Research
• Inventory Digital Assets
• Web Site Content Optimization
• Digital Asset Optimization
• Code Optimization
• Site Architecture and Server Side Issues
• Oversight of Client SEO Implementation: Editorial and Code
• Link Building
• Content Marketing/Promotion Plan
• Content Creation/User Generated Content
• Content Syndication
Web Analytics
• Ongoing Performance Monitoring (Rankings, Traffic, Conversions)
• Revising Optimization and Content Promotion Efforts and Consulting

Smaller jobs such as working on a website that only requires minimal upgrades can be completed and done well by a single SEO consultant. However, when the job is more complex, an established SEO team can provide the experience necessary to deliver optimal results.