How to Create Effective Ads in Facebook

Here are a few ways to get started using Facebook to create an ad to market your product. Whether you are a startup or a major tech company, following these steps will help get your Facebook advertising campaign launch today.

1. Dashboard: This shows the impressions, clicks and other data including the Social Percent function. This function tracks the percentage of impressions where the viewer of an ad saw that friends
liked your page.

2. Design your ad: Copy an ad by selecting the name of an existing campaign ad in the drop down box.

3. Choose your destination URL: This directs customers to a page where they are able to find additional information about the topic they were interested in when they clicked on your ad.

4. Suggest an ad: Facebook has the ability to suggest a title and content for your ad based on the destination URL that you enter.

5. Create your own ad: You are allowed 25 characters in the title, and 135 in the body text. Facebook ads require an image that should be clearly visible when it’s small.

6. Target your audience: Targeting within Facebook allows you to select users by country, state or province or by city. When choosing a city, you can also choose to include cities in a 10, 25 or 50-mile radius. You can also target an age range or exact age or target based on Facebook users’ likes and interests, connections, birthdays, relationship statuses, education levels, and work type.

7. Budgeting: Set a budget after you create your ad. The minimum starting budget is $1 per day.

8. Scheduling: Tell the system when you want your ads to run and end.

9. Cost per clicking: The CPC acts as a max bid. Facebook gives you an estimated CPC based on your targeting options.

10. Look for extras: Facebook Deals allows businesses to reward their customers with deal offers when they use Facebook. The Facebook Places function encourages people to “check in” and tell their friends when they visit local businesses.