How Small Business Can Track Offline Sales with Online Marketing

What someone sees online is influencing what they buy when they visit stores or call your small business.

Consumers often begin looking for a specific item they want to buy with an online search. However, the process isn’t as simple as searching the product, clicking a link and spending money.

Yahoo research shows that TV advertising is one of the largest incentives for online product searches. Approximately eight percent of searches that produced the final sale came from advertising on TV.

But what other factors influence searches? How can a company know whether it was the third search or the sixth search that led to the final sale?

It’s often difficult for retailers to know but here are two ways a retailer can draw links between how a search influenced a purchase.

  1. Online offers:  Assign a search term a unique code for an exceptional offer online that is redeemable on a website, over the phone or in person.
  2. E-mail address verification:  A cookie showing how the customer arrived at a website is dropped onto the user’s computer desktop when they click through to the website. A customer calls a number that is unique to the website and this helps the customer service representative know the call originated at the website. The representative asks for the customer’s e-mail address for verification and where they can send a booking or offer. The customer returns to the website from their e-mail address. At this point, a conversion file can recognize the cookie on the customer’s desktop and the sale is attributed back to the original search term.

Although either way does not promise perfect results, the information businesses do learn can help them find out which of their advertising campaigns drive purchases and which specific keywords or search terms drive online and offline sales.

If you have questions about general tracking setup for your website, please comment on this post or contact us. Sparkplug Digital exist to help empower small business with online marketing.