Google Instant for Non-Profit and Small Business Advertisers

According to Google, the Google Instant search engine saves two to five seconds of search time per query. The user receives suggestions for their search as they type their keyword.

For non-profit and small business advertisers, this could mean Google has more control over how consumers search through ads. While suggestions that pop up as the keyword search is happening are supposed to be what consumers are probabilistically typing, there’s still the chance that Google’s suggestions could lead consumers away from their original search intent.

Google reportedly counts results that are displayed for three seconds as impressions. The rate of impressions could increase based on the typing rate of the user, meaning a slower typist will undoubtedly log more impressions. This could also lower the click through rates and cause a major shift between pay-per-click ads that show up when Instant Search is turned on.

Google Search also has a tendency to prefer name brand suggestions over generic ones. This means the names advertisers use are increasingly more important. Since smaller organizations usually have less brand recognition compared to national brands like Coca-Cola or Ford, it presents a challenge. However, the opportunity for non-profit and small business advertisers remains in local search; this is where Google Adwords is trying to catch up to Yelp in terms of local reach.

We know Google is displaying ads with more enthusiasm now.  What we don’t know yet is who the real winners will be.