Don’t Exhaust Your Budget with Google and Bing Content Networks

If you are looking for more pay-per-click (PPC) traffic, the Google and Bing Content Networks can be great places to start. However, if not properly managed, the content networks can leave you spending a lot of money without giving you the results you want.

You can exclude domains and subdomains from your network in both Google and Bing. Use at least a 30-day date range when reviewing your performance. You may wish to use a 60 or 90-day range depending on your account.

To review and exclude sites from the content network in Google, go to the Networks tab and select show details next to Automatic Placements. From here you can see the sites Google places your ads on based on keywords in your ad groups. Then you can sort the data to find the sites that are converting at a high cost per conversion rate or that are spending without converting.

When you find these sites and want to exclude them, click on the box to the left of the website and select the Exclude Placements button. Confirm if you want to exclude the Campaign or Ad Group level, hit OK and you will see a red Excluded box with the site listed. When you scroll down to the bottom of the Networks page and expand the exclusions section you can see all the exclusions on the account.

In Bing, go to the reports tab and select an Ad Delivery Report from the reports listed on the left. You can review the domains and subdomains in a spreadsheet if you export the data.

When you are ready to add exclusions into your Bing account, click on the Administration tab at the top. In the Account General Information box on the left, there is a section called Blocked Domains. Click on edit and you will be able to add your excluded sites. You only get 500 exclusions, so make sure the sites you exclude are really not performing to your standards.

Adding exclusions into your Google and Bing accounts can help control your overall spend, cost per click and cost per conversion, so it’s important that you regularly review and update your exclusions list.