Common Mistakes Startups and Businesses Make in AdWords Campaigns

There are four main things to know if you’re interested in lowering your advertising costs on Google AdWords.

First, everyone wants to pay as little as they can for a click but be careful not to set up your first cost-per-click (CPC) too low. By overpaying at the beginning or starting with a high bid, you can expect a high position among other advertisers and that will let you get a better click-through-rate (CTR) as your ad is in a much more noticeable position. Once you have a good CTR and a good Quality Score you can start lowering your bids until you reach your desired CPC.

Another mistake is having too many keywords in a single ad group. This can lead to a poor Quality Score because you cannot create an ad that would be congruent with each and every keyword. Try creating ad groups with only one keyword.

Using AdWord’s broad match or phase match can mean chances are good that people who aren’t searching an exact match won’t click on your ad and this will lower your CTR. Using the exact match instead can help your ad be displayed only when someone is searching exactly for your keyword.

One final mistake to avoid is not having your ads match your keywords. An ad matching a keyword is important to the success of your ad. Using your keyword in the ad copy can help improve the efficiency of your ads.

Are you aware of other common mistakes that people make in their Google Adwords Campaign? If you do, please share them in the comments below.