Best Web Analytics Solution for Small Business Owners

Marketers that are new to managing business websites and blogs may not know too much about web analytics. While it makes sense to use some method of measuring marketing results, business owners can find it take extra energy to keep up with the process and data can often times become confusing.

The amount of information in analytic packages can also be difficult to organize and can turn into something business people with small amounts of time cannot effectively use.

One analytic package that’s free and not overly difficult to start using is Google Analytics. The package includes these features:

Content: Using the most popular content on a company page to build new pages can help increase traffic to the website. Call to action buttons can also be added to pages where businesses want visitors to download or complete a specific action.

Keywords: Consumers enter words and phrases into a search engine to get to specific websites. Companies should promote words and phrases that will point the consumer toward their websites.

Traffic: Companies can learn where they need to promote their business by learning what sites are driving traffic to their website.

Visitors: Using a unique visitor count means the number of the count correlates directly with the number of different people who visit a website.

Location: This area in analytics helps companies learn where their consumers are coming from. If a company is hoping to build a strong local presence, it would help to know if their consumers are really local.

Campaign tracking: Features such as goals, top entrance/exit pages, time on sites and bounce rates are more advanced data tracking methods. Companies can learn more from visiting the Google Analytics Help page.

The information gained from web analytics can overwhelm someone who is new to the idea. The important thing is to get started, set goals, and strive to reach one at a time. If you need more information or guidance, you should consider connecting with a Shopify Growth Marketing Expert.