Apple iPad to Replace Laptop, eReader, Point & Shoot and Game Boy

The iPad is changing the way we spend our time on the couch. According to Google Adwords data, we see a surge in tablet usage (Apple iPad has over 85% market share) between 6pm to 9pm. More importantly, over 90% of those iPads were connecting to WiFi as opposed to WiMax, 3G or even 4G connections. The data suggests that tablet users mainly use their tablets as a couch companion, searching and surfing while they are home.

Another year, another new iPad released. The Digital Life with the new iPad infographic from NextWorth provide insight into the history of the electronic devices that the iPad has ultimately replaced in our daily lives. It’s a true multifunctional device, that create it’s own genre in a crowded electronic space.

Note: The lines are color coded to connect the devices in the timeline which spans for over 30 years (1980 to 2012). The infographic also outline the amount of time spend using the different functionalities that it has for average consumers. It’s a simple design that is clean and easy to follow. We enjoy the graphical feature of the old electronics that make them instantly recognizable.

As with any great infographics created by companies there is a clear call to action to trade in your old and unused electronics to subsidize your new iPad. Overall, it is a very simple and concise design that communicates the brand, data sources, URL, and creative common licensing well.

Interesting Facts about the iPad owners?

  • 70% use them in the bedroom
  • 45% use them in the kitchen
  • 20% can’t part with it in the bathroom
  • Close to 80% use it to access the web
  • Over 60% email with the iPad
  • Approximately 50% play games on their iPad
  • One quarter of iPad owners read books with their device