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Microblogging vs. Traditional Blogging (Why Social Matters)

There are several reasons for the demise of traditional blogging. For one thing, writing a blog post takes time, energy and grammar skills. The cycle of sharing of ideas and thoughts, has in many forms, outgrown blogging, or evolved beyond the concept of blogging. The ability to share a recommendation or a vote of confidence for thoughts, interests and predictions within the online marketing industry in a more instantaneous way is more gratifying for some bloggers. Someone using Twitter can became less interested in the [...]

Apple iPad to Replace Laptop, eReader, Point & Shoot and Game Boy

The iPad is changing the way we spend our time on the couch. According to Google Adwords data, we see a surge in tablet usage (Apple iPad has over 85% market share) between 6pm to 9pm. More importantly, over 90% of those iPads were connecting to WiFi as opposed to WiMax, 3G or even 4G connections. The data suggests that tablet users mainly use their tablets as a couch companion, searching and surfing while they are home. Another year, another new iPad released. The Digital Life [...]

Adobe Snubs Seattle’s DocuSign, Zillow IPO Soars and Amazon Plan to Stream CBS Shows

DocuSign faces new threat as Adobe inks deal to buy EchoSign GeekWire Seattle's DocuSign may have an edge in e-signature science and market share, but Adobe chose Palo Alto rival EchoSign to augment its document exchange service. With its own product upgrade slated for debut, the company co-founded by Tom Gosner sees its rival's acquisition as confirmation of DocuSign's methodology and believes focus and platform neutrality can compete against this powerful new alliance. Winshuttle acquires Calif. software company ShareVis TechFlash The acquisition of ShareVis by [...]

Three Signs Your Startup Needs a PR Firm

Many companies try to market themselves on their own. The problem is that expertise in technology can only go so far when it comes to building a brand, creating influence and inspiring the kind of word of mouth that can lead to more sales. Without an understanding of how the world of print, digital and social media work, marketing efforts can fall flat or become a giant waste of time. These are three possible signs a company may need to enlist the expertise of a [...]

SEOmoz CEO: The Best Online Marketing Tips to Startups

Rand Fishkin, CEO and Co-Founder of SEOmoz, provide tips and marketing insights for startups. In this 10 minute video he explains why you shouldn’t sell, instead make people come to you looking to buy. Rand also demonstrate why a blog is so effective in connecting your brand or product with the right set of audience and future customers. He touches base on the following in the video: The positive impact of blogging regularly. Look into do a lot of “viral” targeted content. Consider doing an [...]

7 SEO tips for Startups and New Tech Companies

Marketing in today’s economy is tough for many startups and new tech companies. They simply don’t have the resources including ad budgets, the staff or the time that many bigger businesses have. Luckily, these things don’t make a difference to search engines. Search engine optimization is one way for smaller businesses to compete with larger competition. The first step is to add content. The more useful content there is on a website, the more chances consumers have to discover the products and services offered by [...]

Microsoft’s Kinect Outpace iPhone Sales, Blekko Bans 1.1M Spammy Domains

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup 10 Million A Magic Number for Microsoft’s Kinect  CNET XBox 360 Kinect sales have far exceeded Microsoft's expectations as well as numbers posted by product rival Playstation Move, generating a buzz that threatens to eclipse the console king, Wii. Kinect motion-gaming sensors are flying off store shelves at an unprecedented pace, according to Guinness World Record officials - surpassing sales of Apple's ballyhooed iPhone and iPad in the 60 days after launch. Blekko Bans 1.1 Million Spammy Domains Via [...]

Seattle Startup HomePipe Raises $1.1M, Pathable Makes a Buy

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup Seattle Startup HomePipe Networks Raises $1.1 Million Tech Flash A new round of fund-raising will help HomePipe Networks realize its goal of building brand identity along with partnerships in the industry to grow its customer base. Headed by Chris Hopen, the Seattle apps developer stands out in a crowded field by providing data storage capability without Cloud. Looking to Make Conferences More Interactive, Pathable Makes a Buy GeekWire Pathable promises to turn the confusion of events like Austin's SXSW [...]

Amazon’s Hiring Spree, Microsoft Paid Nokia $1B to Feature Mobile OS

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup Amazon’s Hiring Spree Will Fill 1.7 Million Square Feet of Office Space in Seattle All Things Digital With its employee roster growing by nearly 400% just last year, online retailer Amazon literally outgrew its patchwork Seattle base. A new 1.7 million square foot base of operations in South Lake Union should solve the space dilemma, and its newly revitalized neighborhood promises to be a hub for technology companies - offering mega opportunities for tech talent, including a bevy of [...]

Startups Desperate for Rockstar-Ninja Developers, ShipSweet Challenge FedEx-UPS

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup ShipSweet Attempts to Stick It to the FedEx-UPS Duopoly with Cheap Shipping for Small Business Xconomy Small companies contending with the likes of Amazon may find a solution with Seattle's ShipSweet, touted as the cheaper shipping alternative. By pooling smaller orders, coordinating with online shopping cart providers and creating a collaborative drop-off site system, the startup hopes to compete with titans FedEx and UPS. Sustainability and Authenticity, Personified The Huffington Post Seattle's Mark Schuster is uniquely qualified to narrate [...]